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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 24, 2012 3:00am-5:59am PDT

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>> gretchen: brian help mow. >> what do you think . battle ground. that was a hard one. >> how many news anchors does it take. >> gretchen: don't ask that with us that have blonde hair. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. i am gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time with us today. the administration blamed the antiislamic video for the attack on the consulate in libya. but new e-mails showed it only took a few hours to show it was tied to terror. >> steve: how is this for transparency. obama campaign wants to keep some things off of the record, what is the big secret, mr. president? we'll tell you about that?
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>> brian: a master mind giving himself a make over from the inside of the wall of gitmo. how did he make the gray beard go red. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ >> steve: when was the last time we would start the show with beauty tips from sheik mohammed. >> brian: we'll find out how he made it go from gray to red. >> gretchen: and let us know if we should give him attention for the beard or jackets and most people want to see him to go you know where. he was halfway through the trial five years ago. >> steve: give him the day in court.
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enternal state department e-mails that show just about two hours after it happened, all sorts of people throughout the government including the people in the white house situation room and f.b.i. and director of national intelligence knew it was an attack on our consulate by an affiliate of al-qaida, two hours. >> gretchen: so the time e-mail stamps have sbu. sensitive but unclassified. they were sent on a list, when you get the list with groups included. white house situation rub. who actually received those e-mails. the pentagon and f.b.i. and director of national intelligence. 343 national security people on the chain. here's what it said. u.s. diplomat mention're mission in benghazi under
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attack. they report that the diplomatic mission is under attack and 20 armed people fired shots and explosions were hurt. ambassador steveps and four personnel are in the compound safe haven. militia is providing security. that is before they knew they had died. >> brian: no one knows for sure. the cables were from anssar al sharia. the group claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter and called for an attack for the embassy on tripoli. you can't say it is gospel. >> steve: 4:04 eastern time. and success one 6:07 eastern time . five-days after the attack you
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have the ambassador for the united nations saying it is spontanous . white house's narrative . it was kind of sort of spontanous and no protest in the consulate and the guys in libya saw what happened in cairo and they went and got heavy arms and started blowing up the consulate. that's the story they are going right now? >> brian: just happened to be on 9/11. here is ambassador bolton with greta. >> the e-mails show beyond any doubt, the state department was fully possessed of the information in real-time. it leads to the question why the administration even bothered to ask for cia assess ams. all they had to do is talked to the state department. what could the motivation be?
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one alternative we have considered is the cover up. e-mails say to me. if anybody in the white house thought they could cover it up by referring to the mohamud video with this documentary evidence in real time, it was not just a cover up but an incredibly cover up. >> gretchen: why did mitt romney go after him in the debate. if he said it is not about the video. the president could say the uprisings were care cairo was happening before acc -- september 11th. you can't win on the debate stage. time passes here it turns out mitt romney made the smart not to talk about this? >> brian: only way you would attack this not to say it
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happened here or here. all i can tell you. the state department said one thing and you said another thing and the ambassador and intele. what ceened of operation are you running here? >> steve: the e-mails were in the white house situation room. so who is minding the store? that is coined of what mr. mitt romney said. >> brian: when the intelesaid this and that, they don't like that. there is nothing to do with the leaks. in the past, there is a pattern of things coming up that tell the truth. >> steve: you have to be careful about who you throwurped the bus. both candidates making every effort to sway voters two weeks to go in the election. molly is joining us. >> last two weeks are the closing arguments and the candidates make the final
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pitchs and implore voters to get out and vote. it is interesting to see where they go. president obama has his busiest day today traveling 5300 miles in the country from dc, iw and california and nevada and spending the night on air force one as he flies to florida . he told voters governor romney is out of touch. >> foreign policies from the 1980s and before the cold war was over. his social policies from the 1950s. and his economic policies are from the 1920s. he knows he can't sell that. and so in the closing days of the campaign he is hiding his true position. governor romney isit hading the states and going to nevada and iowa and prepping for a three stop swing in ohio.
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the governor said president obama is promising more of the same. >> if you want a real recover you have to have a change. the president is's president of status quo and the policies of the president are a continuation over what we have seen. he called his campaign slogan forward. i think forewarned is a better turn. >> if you guys talk about on your show election day approaches, keep your eye on ohio. the president has been there morthan any other state. and governor mitt romney plans to go there tomorrow it may be the fiercest battle of all of the battle ground states. >> brian: people are like stop at the ads. with we can't show up in the
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rally. >> the point to ponder is the process. the candidates don't come to their states. but the bottom line it is the swing states and just a couple of states that matter. what about me over here. >> brian: what about new york? we don't even pay attention to it. >> steve: one of the states that get attention is the state of iowa and right now iowa appears to be too close to call. this saturday night. des moines register will give their endorsement for president. they have sat down and talked to mitt romney for an hour . you can hear the -- apparently the president of the united states talked to the editor and publisher for 30 minutes and begged for the endorsement
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and the white house wanted the interview off the record. >> gretchen: unless you say this is off of the record. >> steve: they did going in? >> gretchen: has that happened for editorial boards when they are trying to make a decision and they sit down and make the endorsement? is that common. >> steve: it is not smart. >> gretchen: is interesting to find out if that is common place. it is if you are running to the president you would want your remarks out. >> brian: they will announce the interview . the rnc said president obama is telling iowans if they want
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to hear from them they have to hope for a rerun of the view. >> steve: he will be going on the jay leno show tonight and mtv friday. let's see how hard those questions are. >> gretchen: they wanted her bike. police say two teenage brothers murdered a 12 year old girl. 1,000 people packed the church to remember autumn pasqualle. cops say a 15 and 17 year old lured her to their home promising to exchange bike partis and then they strangem would her. >> she was a angel here on earth and angel up in heaven. >> the boys mother called police. might be moving.
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autumn's bike and other belongings were found in their home. overseas markets were found. it was a big drop in four months. the asian markets did make up ground in trading thanks to bargain huntirs. the dow futures are up one percent right now. a re shark attack on a popular beach leaving one man dead. leaving all of the beaches in california closed. the shark attacked the 39 year old . he began cpr but it was too late. no word on what kind of shark attack. the 9/11 master mind giving himself a make over. his beard went from gray to
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dark orange thanks to berry juice. he used juice and berries from his breakfast to do the trick. that is a guy in need of much attention. >> brian: you shouldn't give him fruit. we just told you that the state department within hours about the terrorist attack. chandler thomas is a lawmakers joining us that is lookking into that. >> steve: and actor stacey dash got blasted in the internet for saying something nice about romney. did she know her problems were about to get worse? ♪ ♪
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>> brian: brand new official e-mails. people in the white house and state department knew that the libiann attack had tie to terror. did the white house intentionally try to cover up the terrorist ties. he is vice chairman of the senate select committee on intelligence. you said hey, i would like to see the e-mails and you have asked for them and you want see them. we have asked the state department specific e-mails and they refuse to give it to us. >> brian: what did it tell you that the group took credit and everything as far to the situation room. >> we knew within hours. i don't remember if it was two or 10. we knew from the intelligence
3:18 am
commutee than sarsharia claimed responsibility. and aqim was involved, but they weren't. an saral sharia is an al-qaida affiliate. there was an indication that al-qaida was involved. >> brian: what is the problem of saying there is a terror attack; what is the big picture here? >> i am not sure. i don't know what the white house's problem has been through the whole thing. this is what concerns me. you have four americans dead. you have an ambassador who is a very important person in any administration dead. and you don't have the president getting briefed and the president informing the public about what happene to
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four key americans? >> brian: you have jay carny saying it was no evidence of premedicated attack and the un ambassador saying that. it shows a massive disconnect? >> no question about that. what bothered me and other members of the intelligence committee we were pushed back early on and we couldn't figure it out. it is strange. they never do that. i don't think the intelligence committee in any way would participate in a cover up. now what goes on in the white house for political purposes may be different. >> brian: virevice chair on senate. will you do the same thing that the house did in light of the new revelation. >> we are senator feinstein and i had ouple of conversations. we should have an open hearing
3:20 am
and we need to get intelligence officials in and let them lay it out there. it is getting more and more traction and uglier every day and the thing we need to do is be honest with the american people and say this is what we knew and what the president knew and when he knew it? >> brian: it would be tough especially with the election a fow weeks away. thank you for coming in. he went on a shooting rampage killing three women including his wife and who had begged for help. jay leno barely escaping a deadly motorcycle crash . wow . [ owner ] i need to expand
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>> we have quick headlines for you on wednesday morning. another former teammate of the lance armstrong admits to doping. the retired cyclist said he came cleann against the revalationns. he road with him in 2000 and 2001. drivers in texas, get ready to burn the rubber. fastest highway in the country opens today. they can go up to 85 miles per hour on a 41 mile stretch from austin to san antonio. put the pedal to the metal. >> gretchen: earlier this month dina houghton walked in a courthouse for help. and feared her violent husband might try to kill her. he shot and killed her and
3:25 am
other women in a salon. if the law can't protect women who can? the board of directors of men stopping violence, for joining us . thank you. one reporter in wisconsin went to lookk at how many restraining orders on record and surprised to see it is the same message. i fear for my life. i fear for my life. why do you care? >> if one woman is in danger all women and girls are in danger. this is a perfect example of why do domestic violence is a not a family problem but a community. this is not domestic situation, it is everybody's problem. it is not just something happen in a person's home. it is everybody's problem. >> gretchen: women get the
3:26 am
restraining order as uation to honor their fears. >> absolute low. and i think you probably know this. i know you have done this kind of work. often women are not believed. they say i am telling you how this person is treating me and it is not okay and a public declarration of asking for help. if they didn't get the restraining order someone would say why didn't up get a restrainin order. >> gretchen: the question is, why doesn't the woman just leave . we can see what happens when she did leave. you are on the board of directors. it is a message to other men to help. >> it is important to have shelters to help women that want to leave. it is a cycle of women needing the shelters if you don't take a step back to prevent the
3:27 am
violence. we feel like if we work with men that are abuser. not all are abusers. but if you focus in on getting men to call out other men, that makes a difference. one of our trainers teaches a class at the jail and he will ask men, why do you do this? and repeatedly done this? the worry is because i can and no one call would me out on this and made it clearr i cannot do this and if men call out theirr friends, this cycle would stop. >> gretchen: octoberr is domestic violence month as well. one in three experienced the act. thank you for your thoughts this morning. stacey dash blastted all over the internet for backing the romm rom. the attacks just got worse. would you trust obama with yourr cash? checking out the president's
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thanksgiving. [applause] the bad news, turkey will be 80 bucks a pound. one or the other. >> gretchen: that's why i don't make a turkey. >> steve: you heard the president admit how bad the economy is many, many times. what investments has he made to fix it. is he any good? there is a investment of be obama and associates. the author writes it is not clear however that he understands what it takes to be an investor. he uses the word invest liberally. he doesn't focus on the returns of his prior investments. >> gretchen: if he was our financial planner how would analyst grade the portfolio. i am scare to ask stewart
3:33 am
varney. >> not well when i you or brian or steve make an investment we want to make a profitt. when obama looks for investment he is looking to buy votes. is that harsh. he wouldn't like a green country? >> starting with energy. 100 billion to writing checks and subsidies to green energy. what is the rate of return on a 100 billion. if i was looking for a profitt i would want 10 billion a year. we have not gotten that. very, very few jobs. bullet train. 11 billion in the bullet trains. >> steve: sure. >> what is the rate of return for 11 billion. zilch. how about cash for clunkers? that was 2.8 billion.
3:34 am
that was a gem. where is the profit for cash for clunkers? the only people who benefited was the south korean car makers. that is another story. when the government invests taxpayer's money they don't get a rate of return like you and i get. they are buying votes. they are voting and investting for political reasonns. the new book that came out. grossy copies. >> it is a binder and not a book. >> brian: the copies sent out and outline the next four years. what do you know. >> same old, same old and investments that we talked about. president obama wants to stimulate the economy with investments in education, infrastructure and green energy. it is the same old, same old.
3:35 am
what it amounts toment stim plan 2. he's desperate. and we need details. and same time you come around and the president has no details and they came up with 20 page glossy. >> a lowsy economy 2013. and this is the president's response. i >> gretchen: i think it is attractive to voters if you don't tell all of the details which is how you are paying for it. >> president obama got a lot of pr on camera and everybody can see it and know the title. there is a lot of good public relations . don't read it because it is not a blue point. >> there you go. it is true. fine observation.
3:36 am
thank you very much. we'll be watching you on our business shanle. >> gretchen: serious voting problems. several votersses tried to vote for romney and kept having their votes switch to president obama and tried again and again. and voters fruss traited and outraged. every vote counts. what they are doing is not working. the director of board of election said it is a correctible glitch and not part of a conspiracy. >> brian: brand new video of a motorcycle crash that almost wiped out y leno. >> steve: oh, my. >> brian: you can see the bike speed up and causing the wreck. the tonight show host was riding for a charity benefit.
3:37 am
and the wrong person was blamed for causing the deadlyy crash. no small one. it is a bizarre story and a woman under arrestt after ramming in running down an officer in walter reed. police say the woman was first potted going 90 miles per hour and making uturns behile by thing on a bar of soap. a security officer fired at her. and soon after crashed and she was arrested. >> gretchen: actress stacey dash facing a lot of the tweets on twitter. here is one that you can read on air. she's greedy and doesn't want to pay higher taxes loll and
3:38 am
wants another 15 minutes. >> dash can tax tweeting votes for romney. only choice for your future >> chris: where is the tolerance. >> brian: this is not good news. busted for dui and they found a 64 year old behind the wheel unconscious in the corn field. vodka was found in the car. he wasa taken to the hospital after posting bail. >> brian: giants and tigers take the field for game one. san francisco is the place. barry and zito will go to the mound . justin verlaner will do it again. and pitch for the tigers. the game gets underway. tigers have been off for a week. one and done.
3:39 am
ozzie is fired from the marlins. they said guillen's comments praising castro was a major factor for him being fired he said he will go to spain and hang out. >> gretchen: some on the left pull the race car. herman cain will talk about that. >> steve: what does kiss founding member sing? we'll answer that when he joins us out of make up. >> brian: you wear make up. ♪ ♪
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it is a heinous crime. two teenage brothers accused of murdering a 12 year old for her bike. joining me with the latest details is steve. what can you tell us. >> the small story. in eerie it is in the back yard from all of the candles where autumn was abducted and killed and her body leftt in a recycling bin. it is a morning after and all night police guard in the home just in the case talk of racial tensions flared up. she was riding her bike after lunchtime and that was the last time she was seen until the mother of the two teenage boys who returned home last night first suspected anything was wrong. she was there by her son's side to turn them in to the
3:44 am
authorities with a lawyer . both of them 15 and 17 years old charged with taking autumn's life because they wanted her bmx bike. the mother read something suspicious one of her sons posted on the facebook page. he is among the two sons charged with killing the little girl. this town is coping with that news. two of the kids in the town are charged with murdering one of the town's best kids. >> gretchen: thank you for that report. now to the other steve. >> steve: iraq's drumming style. founding drummmer of kiss has had his fair share of adversity. it is documented in make up to break up. my life in and out of kiss x. peter joins us today. >> good morning to you.
3:45 am
>> steve: i have to tell you. one of my favorite songs is beth. >> yes. >> steve: that is you sing. >> i wrote it in '69 and i wrote it with a gentleman and it was a joke song about one of the guys in the band. here came is rebecca and called her bec. he said no we can't call her that. so, we changed it to beth and thank god he did that. >> steve: do you find yourself singing that in the shower? >> no. i like the beatles. >> steve: we like kiss. the deal with the make up trying to be alis cooper? >> no, looking to my alterego and a character that had to do with myself. and i love cats and i think they are independent or cool and they can be around them or
3:46 am
go their own way. it is like i am. >> steve: you quit kiss half a million times? why? >> you got to read it in the book. i have my reasons and it is in the book of why i was in and out of the band. it is always one thing or the other. i will not give it away. >> steve: i can reveal this. in the first chapter, you have left the band. you have 100,000 behind the armoire and your house is shaking. the north ridge earthquake and you decide that that is the perfect time to kill yourself with a 357 magnum. >> yes, i was going through a divorce. went through a divorce and lifing a grand life and next thing i am lifing in hooly
3:47 am
wood next to the cbsbuild i owe the i.r.s. quite a lot of money. >> steve: just end it here. >> my life with my daughter, i loved her dearly and i am a bachelor and next thing i know earthquake came and i am a brooklyn. and i watched my apartment coupleble and fall apart and records off of the wall and crystal break bathrooms blowing up. i had an argument with star mag wreen and going through that and i had a $100,000 to my name and i put it in a shoe bags and nailed it and the arm more fell and all i had left was that. and i put on my sweats and 357 and at the point when i got back, i looked at my life and it seemed like my life was
3:48 am
levell i noted to check out . a picture of my daughter was standing there through the whole rubble and i am a cath lickk not the way i want to go. i want to go to hen. >> steve: you made a determination that would not be the day. >> absolutely. >> steve: you have lived a full life since. and you have been cancer free five years. you are talking about mail breast cancer. a lot of people hadn't heard that before? >> yes, they gave me a wonderful award for that and coming out and saying it. if i didn't catch it right away. if i would have went through chemo and that went through that and all of the stuff, i may not have been so brave to come out and say i have breast cancer. i think god let that energy
3:49 am
stay over for me . now, i am a whole different aren a. yeah, men can get it. >> steve: you know what, peter, i bet you have saved a lot of people's lives. >> i am told i have. i did a walk sunday for 20,000 people and first time american cancer society put up signs that men, too can get breast cancer >> chris: that is your impact. it is all in make up to break up. great story. god bless you. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> gretchen: interesting stuff. mitt romney said defense cuts are cripppling the navy. >> we have fewer horrs and bayonets because the nature of the military change would. >> gretchen: hold on, we have actual numbers coming up. and here we go again. far left playing the race card.
3:50 am
and herman cain is here i bet he has on a yellow tie. ♪ ♪ pump it up. get the party going on the dance floor. ♪ that's where the party is at and you find out it is that. ♪ ♪ [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> john mccain is doing his best to change the subject. he wants to distract the attention from the economy. senator mccain's campaign said they would launch a series of
3:54 am
attacks on my character because if we talk about the economy we will lose. >> that was the president running for office. that was 2008. and so what is changed? he seems to be trying to change the subject. >> brian: we are joined by herman cain. what were you thinking when you watched that sound bite. >> i was thinking obama back in 2008. look it is clear that president obama can't run on his economic record or foreign policy record and benghazi cover up is all over most of the news and so he's doing the basic character. >> brian: rom nezia. >> what ever you want to talk. romney said attacking me is not a strategy. it is not a strategy and coming up with a booklet two weeks before the election and here's what i will do is an insult to the american people.
3:55 am
what have you done in the last four years and the plan for the last four years is the same as next four years spin, spin, spin. that's all in the little book. >> the thing about his record thus far. main stream media is trying to change the story. not talk about the jobs but talk about rom nesia. >> and i call it shift the subject and ignore the facts about the economy and fail would foreign policy . now hey are getting in name calling . he may not do it directly. but the surrogate libya media are doing it. >> gretchen: playing the race car. chris matthew said critizing obama shows desperation . it is the american people are sick of the race car and class
3:56 am
warfare card. enough people are figuring out the truth and why we are doing our truth tour. >> steve: if we were a racist nation barack obama would not have been elected. >> a lot of white people voted for bark obama. they use that to distract from the real record. that is all the administration and surrogates are doing. >> gretchen: someone wrote he should put out a 20 page libya. >> it would be 20,000 pages. >> steve: but it might be blank. >> if they write it it would be blank. >> brian: good luck on the truth tue. >> jure justt the fanths. >> gretchen: coming up. why calling your kid a
3:57 am
freshman is now an offensive term. >> brian: mark sanchez is back on the market. what happened to eva longoria. >> gretchen: she's on the market, too. ... jack, you're a little boring.
3:58 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, today is wednesday, october 24th, i'm gretchen carlson. thank you so much for sharing part of your day with us today. administration released a video but now there is a proof it only took a few hours for them to figure out it was a terrorist attack. so why was some of the information hidden from you. >> less than two weeks for election day and something that could help decide the election. scott rasmussen revealing the numbers. >> steve: then political correctness, latest term banned
4:01 am
from college, freshman. so much for preparing your kids for the real world. fox and friends starts right now. >> this is herman cain, you are watching fox and friends. >> steve: thank you. it's great for him to drop by. >> gretchen: i would like to ban freshman 15. >> and the unofficial poll is it true. >> gretchen: for me? >> it is absolutely true. the freshman 15. >> gretchen: a lot of guacamole and chips. >> i think it's beer related in many halls. >> gretchen: that could be, as well. you know i don't like beer so something like that. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: not that i don't
4:02 am
like wine, but i don't like beer. >> police say two teenage brothers murdered a 12-year-old girl for her bike. nearly 1,000 people packed the church to remember autumn pags cale. she was last seen leaving alone on her bike. brothers lured her to home and then they strangled her and dumped her body into a recycling bin. >> it's pretty pathetic. we want to know reasons why. >> she was ang ache jell here on earth. she is an angel up in heaven. >> gretchen: the boy's mother called police. she saw a message on facebook page. the by was found to say their home. >> beaches near andrews air force base after a man got killed by a shark. it attacked a surfer.
4:03 am
his friends looked on. they pulled him from the water and tried cpr but it was too late. >> right now overseas markets are down sharply after the dow plunged 243 points yesterday. it was the biggest drop in four months, fall coming after disappointing results like that 3-m and dupont. asian markets did make it up and there are signs that markets will go up today. s&p 500 futures up .2%. another stumble for new york jets quarterback, mark sanchez, he and eva longoria calling it quits. she has been keeping it busy with president obama's reelection. >> brian: saying that she is too old. >> she is on the market again
4:04 am
guys? exactly. she might think he is too young. >> brian: in you go. i want to get to the bottom of that story. what is wrong with those two kids. >> gretchen: we'll be talking about that. find ourselves with empty computers. >> steve: a whole bunch of computers were humming over the state department as the attack was taking place on our consulate in benghazi. in fact now, according to internal state department e-mails obtained by fox news we can say definitively the e-mail went without two hours that proved that the attack was done by an affiliate of al-qaeda. that flies in the face of the fairytale narrative that they have been perpetuating. it was all about the video. you simply look at the proof. not true. >> fred: so it was unclassified,
4:05 am
that was the headline. either is the e-mail regional security officer reports the diplomatic mission is under attack. tripoli reports 20 armed people fired shots, explosions have been heard, as well. ambassador stevens who is currently in benghazi an four personnel are in the safe compound haven. they are providing security support. this is before they knew the ambassador and three others had been killed. >> brian: they went to a safe house and then this came down. embassy claimed the group claimed responsibility and has called for an attack on embassy tripoli. they knew attacks were going to come there way. they knew they weren't be able to defend themselves. and here is vice chairman of the select intelligence committee. he has been asking these. state department has ignored the requests. he was listening to our show and heard it for the first time.
4:06 am
he said this. >> we have been asking the state department for these specific e-mails for weeks now. they refused to give them to us at this point. we knew from the intelligence community that the group a claimed responsibility for the attack. now, does that mean they were responsible for it? you never know but they claim responsibility. so alshariea is an al-qaeda affiliate. so if not directly there was direction that al-qaeda was involved. what has bothered me and other members from day one we got pushed back from the white house as well as the intelligence community early on. we couldn't figure it out. it was really strange because they never do that. >> and one of these e-mails, you saw the redacted list of the recipients went to the situation room at white house. somebody probably saw two hours after the attack that was an affiliate of al-qaeda. you know what, chris stevens may
4:07 am
have been alive at that time. instead five days later, rice the ambassador goes out on television and she perpetuates which essentially was a hoax and a lie. since then, there was been a cover-up. now it looks to many they are stonewalling because they don't want to truth out before the election. >> gretchen: it will be interesting to find out who was on the e-mail chain in the situation room. that will be the essence of who knew what because people or record saying they didn't know. if you look at the transcripts of the press conferences following after september 11th, he said we have no indication this is anything related to terror. i believe it was thursday of that week, he finally said it was a terror attack, but that was a complete 180 switch from the first couple of days. >> brian: we don't know if it was terror attack, we know there was terror group claiming it. we are getting conflicting
4:08 am
reports. let's expand the coverage a little bit. focusing on swing states. with less than two weeks to go. molly henneberg following the campaign trail from washington. president has gone through four time zones. this is blue collar push for the presidency. >> reporter: good morning. memo, nevada and iowa. get ready for speeches and some traffic tie-ups. both obama and romney will be in the two battleground states today. both men trying to push their states into their win column. governor romney will be in reno and cedar rapids, iowa and will be pressing three stop swing in ohio on thursday. president obama is promising more of the same, he says. and if they want to see real change in the country, thisneed a real change in the oval office. >> you see the president's status quo campaign, going forward with the same ideas as
4:09 am
we've seen over the last four years is request why she slipping. it's why our campaign is gaining. it's way this movement is growing across the country. >> reporter: president obama has his busiest day of his election cycle today traveling 5300 miles, from d.c., iowa, california, nevada and then spending the night on air force one as he flies to florida. he is telling voters he has more he wants to accomplish for america. >> now, we know we know we are where we don't want to be but we have made real progress. we need to build on that progress. we can't go back to what got us into this mess. we need to move forward to get out of this mess. that is why i'm running for second term of president of the united states. >> reporter: so the conventions are over and debates are over. the final closing argument stage. they will make their final
4:10 am
appeals in florida for them to get out and vote. for most americans they will see the candidates on tv with precious few days to go, the president and governor romney will putting their time into the battleground states. back to you guys. >> gretchen: let's talk about this. police coming into action. here come the sirens, talking about umc chapel hill. what is the school up to there? they are replacing freshman with a new term, all inclusive term, first year students. freshmen have been used sings 1950s. >> they don't like the freshman. they are trying to use gender inclusive language. sophomore doesn't make any sense but junior means subordinate. senior means old fogget.
4:11 am
get rid of all of them. >> sophomore comes from sofett will you build a house. >>. >> gretchen: who is complaining about it? i didn't see a group of women down there protesting. are women really upset about the fact we have been calling the first year of college freshmen, i doubt it. i doubted women even think about that. who is going to be my roommate. wow, i wonder if i'll get a job after four years. i really don't think women are being concerned about it. >> i talked to a lot of women. they are all concerned about this. freshmen i talk to. >> gretchen: really? what freshmen. >> she was source. it's also the same deal at nebraska and kentucky state university. >> steve: interestingly enough at north carolina, apparently they changed the policy back in
4:12 am
2009 but it's getting some publicity because john stossel featured it on his show. >> brian: who is that. >> steve: the show on thursday. >> gretchen: what college kid would turn down free pizza? free food to lure more people to the polls. >> brand-new polls on fox and friends from a state that could decide the election. scott rasmussen with details. you are watching fox and friends live from new york city. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains.
4:13 am
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or women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking. call your doctor rht away if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious sideeffects. ♪ is your cholesterol at goal? alk to your doctor aut crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >>. >> steve: talk about hot of the press, poll was made last night. scott rasmussen joins us from new jersey, good morning, scott?
4:16 am
>> good morning, how are you today? >> steve: i am doing okay. the important thing to remember this poll was taken after the debate and let's take a look now at ohio. they are absolutely dead heat, 48-48. >> and steve, look, this is biggest of the swing states. right now we show president obama with 237-235 edge in the electoral college. ohio has 18 votes. it's important to remember that ohio doesn't have an election day. it has an election month, close to a third of people have cast their votes. president obama has a ten-point edge among that group but among the people now between now and election day. mitt romney has the edge. >> steve: one of the things about your poll historically, last time out and pew were about tied for the most reliable prediction before the presidential election. now, there are some polls out there that take a gigantic
4:17 am
sample -- they are sampling way more democrats than you do. what is the breakdown that you are doing? >> nationally we're showing 39% wind up being democratic, 36% republican. that is halfway between the turnout we saw in 2008 and 2004. it's important to note that there are different theories proper way to do polling. the best thing to do is looking at all the polls whether it is in ohio or nationally and try to find the common ground. what we are sees in ohio, all the polls are saying very close. the indications are that republicans are more enthusiastic, but perhaps the obama campaign has a stronger ground game. that will be the tussle. can the obama ground game overcome the advantage of the
4:18 am
romney team. >> and president of the united states has a record. when you ask people how do you rate the economy. we have more results. it's not looking so good for the president of the united states. how would you rate the u.s. economy, 43% say poor. close to 40% say fair. and only 17% say good. that is not good for the president. >> look, the president is saying we don't want to go back to the way things were in the end of the bush era. most people agr romney is saying we don't want to go back to the way the last four years. most people agree with that. 51% trust romney more than obama when it comes to the economy. 44% trust the president. we see a similar breakdown on energy issues but when you get to national security measures, president still has the advantage. again very close race, a lot of
4:19 am
skepticism is on both sides. people in ohio really just want this to be over. they are sick of the fact they to have try to squeeze a tv show in between commercials. >> steve: that is nice way to put it. scott, thanks for joining us. all right. straight ahead a commercial, but first the president said this. >> we also have fewer horses and bayonets because of the nature of our military has changed. >> steve: was the president right? hold your horses. we got the numbers. mayor of new york not the one banning sodas. heading to another town now? details straight ahead. ♪ ♪ the two of us ♪ we can make it f we try ♪ just the two of us ♪ just the two of us ♪ yes, the two of us
4:20 am
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4:22 am
4:23 am
>>. i think governor romney hasn't spent enough time to see how our military works. you mengtsed the navy. governor we have fewer horses and bayonets. >> gretchen: you heard the president's response and claimed the defense cuts was crippling our military but many found the president's comments didn't check out. what they found, 419,155 that is how many bayonets the army has. 195,334 that is how many bayonets have. and 176, that is how many horses
4:24 am
the army has. >> brian: you know the facts, what does it say about the president's military knowledge? with reaction to that is one of the world's most famous talk show hosts. he is informative, mark levine. i can't wait to get your response. i heard a lot of your show from the debate. what gretchen just mentioned. bayonets and horses. what do you think? >> i think it's ignorant. i think this president is hollowing out the military more than jimmy carter did. she is slashing maintenance and r&d and it's not just the navy, air force and army. we had a 600 ship under ronald reagan. we had aircraft carriers going back to 1922. >> brian: and secretary of
4:25 am
defense used that analogy talking about the dangers of at the question striags and they say the world has not gotten any smaller since 1916 and vulnerability has grown. the navy is too small. president might have left himself open. something else he he talked about is china. when it comes to destroying jobs where is this administration's report card? >> obama is destroying jobs in this country. obama is shutting down coal mines. obama is shutting down pipelines. obama is nationalizing healthcare. obama is preparing hundreds of billions of dollars small business tax increases. obama runs the interior department. he is hollowing out jobs in this country. meanwhile, he keept talking
4:26 am
about out sourlg jobs. what he is outsourcing a massive debt to china. >> brian: here is an issue. sequestration. bob woodward had a problem with this. here is the debate when sequester came up between him and mitt romney two days ago. >> it's not something i propose. it will not happen. the budget that we're talking about is not reducing our military spending. it's maintaining it. >> brian: here is what bob woodward said. he is mistaken. jack lu brought it to harry reid. do you think the president openly did not know that? >> i think the president is a serial liar. unfortunately during these debates we should have a buzzer, every time he lies a buzzer goes off. it was his idea on sequestration. there is something wrong in a country like this. when we have a radical left wing lawyer that is running the
4:27 am
country and we have a choice of a practical fairly conservative businessman. the problem for obama is his record. a he has been cornered on it. his back is against the wall, if it's so disastrous, what do you do. you keep lying about it. >> brian: we are down to two weeks and one more confrontation and this election is up for grabs. i think the president is stunned it's this close. >> you can hear me all day. we play it over and over again on my website. 6:00 p.m. eastern time. i appreciate it. >> brian: mark levin, thanks so much. all right. straight ahead, what college kid would turn down free pizza? one group is using it to lure democrats to the polls. did the president go on an apology tour? many in the media say absolutely
4:28 am
not. we'll play the videotape so you can decide. ♪ ♪ ♪ i need you to need me ♪ i love you to love me ♪ i love you would take me [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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4:32 am
>>. at a ram in florida, president obama unveiled a newly published book that details his big plan for a second term. he has a book and it's got his plan for a second term. we just got it, check it out. >> in this campaign i laid out a plan for jobs and security. unlike mitt romney, i'm actually proud to talk about what is in it. share it with your friends. share it with co-workers. >> so there is something. >> gretchen: key battleground state, colorado secretary of state warning there could be as many as 300 non-citizens on voter rolls. they are using a database to check their voter rolls.
4:33 am
they say it's unacceptable to have non-citizens actually voting. >> apparently democrats trading pizzas for votes. colorado republican party filing a complaint accusing the democratic students with free pizza and t-shirts if they vote. they say they are way close to the building. campaigners have to be hundred feet away from a polling place. we don't know how far they are going to be from polling place. >> i remember we gave out gum. that was wrong. >> now a battle to ban sodas, larger than 16 ounces. several council members in washington, d.c. are voicing support. i assume they know what works for a soda company. >> gretchen: latest dance craze getting into the holiday spirit. check this out. ♪ ♪
4:34 am
>> gretchen: over 8500 lights. puts on a 25-minute light show. it plays on an fm station in people's cars. >> wouldn't you hate being the neighbor. >> gretchen: is that a house right next-door there. i'm trying to make out the image. >> they left until thanksgiving. >> gretchen: i think this the same house as the christmas one, isn't it? no, that is california. okay we have two in the neighborhood. >> talking houses meanwhile,... severe weather alert. tropical storm turning towards florida. we have brand-new details. the folks down in florida that
4:35 am
big blob behind you could be heading their way? >> we are looking at tropical storm watches in effect versus the southeast coast of florida including the upper keys. we do have the possibility of seeing tropical storm conditions across southeast florida. it runs to november 30th and not over yet because we have it just shy of hurricane strength with winds sustained at 70 miles an hour. once it gets to 74. then sandy could become a hurricane. we are talking locally up to 20 inches of rain across jamaica and also portions in haiti. flash flooding is big concern. center of circulation is expected to stay away from florida and expected to continue out to sea. some good news but several days to go. things could change.
4:36 am
>> steve: all right, maria. >> brian: and what is happening in the world of sports. he was great catcher, red sox and white socks. they found the '664-year-old unconscious and saw a bottle of vodka there. he was taken to the hospital and released after posting bail. >> san francisco will send barry zito to the mound which is in the midst of a career resurgence justin verlander is the cy young award. he will pitch for the tigers. gate gets underway at most importantly on fox. red sox manager taking a hard hit at david ortiz. he says ortiz going on the dl had nothing to do with an yes,
4:37 am
sir. he decided he didn't want to play after a blockbuster trade that sealed the fate of the season for the red sox. he was fired after going 69-93 and that is not good. >> gretchen: let's talk this a little bit. we're going to call it media bias alert. after the president during the debate the other night said that mitt romney was not telling the truth when he said that the president had gone on an apology tour over in the middle east. did some journalists come to obama's defense and say he never said i'm sorry, so it was not an apology tour? >> steve: it kind of looks at it and what jonathan carl said regarding did the president go on an apology tour, jonathan carl said he did have some mistakes but there is no way you could call it an apology tour.
4:38 am
john berman he never said the word apologize. >> brian: how do we get to a bottom of this? >> steve: let's put some of the words back in 2009, does it sound like an apology tour to you. >> america like every other nation has made mistakes and has it's flaws. >> in america there is a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where america has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive. >> 9/11 was an enormous trauma to our country. the fear and anger that it provoked was understandable but in some cases it led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideals. we are taking concrete action to
4:39 am
change course. i have prohibited the use of torture by the united states and i have ordered the prison at guantanamo by early next year. >> while the united states has done much to promote peace and prosperity in the hemisphere, we at times have been disengaged and sought to dictated our terms. >> kelly: did he -- when you combine those words with images that we saw of the president bowing down to the saudi king and other world leaders it certainly does leave a lot of people saying, it's an apology tour. e-mail us. >> steve:. >> brian: it didn't seem like the america's first attitude. brought back to gitmo the apology that got him the noble peace prize. he apologized what he claimed was torture where the bush
4:40 am
administration said it was never torture. he decides to use it drones to kill these people if that there is a holistic way of doing things. they get a missile in their dining room table as opposed to questioning. >> gretchen: gitmo is still open. >> i go there every weekend. >> gretchen: it was the first executive order to close it. and we're trying khalid shaikh mohammed again. >> after he already convicted kon tested. >> he is dying his beard with berry juice. >> ladies do you find it frustrating when kids take mom's side in an argument? keith abler drops by and answers questions. >> gretchen: how does the average joe land a one billion dollar business deal? it helps if you are related to
4:41 am
joe, a vice president. >> that is his brother. >> and question of the day. born on this day in 1947, this actor won an option car for a supporting role, a fish called wanda. who is it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg.
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4:44 am
come down to the control room for beauty tips. quick headlines, another glitch for the chevy volt. there is a computer glitch that can cause the car to shut down while you are driving. gm is launching a customer
4:45 am
satisfaction program to fix the issue. about 4,000 models from the year 2013. ladies, listen up -- the makeup you wear could lead to early menopause. american researchers found the chemicals in makeup, hair spray and some food packaging disrupt women's reproductive systems. some went through the change two and a half years before other women. gretch? >> gretchen: some folks on wall street was calling it terrible tuesday about concerns over the global economy. dow jones finished 1.8% or 243 plus points. it's worst performance since june. charles gasparino is here to help you make sense out of it. what does it mean in the last couple of months.
4:46 am
>> we should know that smart people in the market including us at fox business network, corporate earnings are coming in lower than expected. a lot of surveys from ceos from corporations about what they expect their earnings to be. they are going down. it's sort of foreshadowing a possible double-dip recession. a lot of people criticize ben bernanke printing more money. one of the reasons he saw the predictions about corporate earnings. this is an economy that could very easily follow into a double-dip. >> gretchen: while we were still experiencing high unemployment in the past couple quarters, corporate earnings were going up. >> predictions is for them go down. so one thing you have to look at. the other thing, clearly there is more pessimism in the executive suites right now. what corporations are saying, look we look out to the future. we don't like what we see.
4:47 am
we see an economy that growing tepidly and we don't see the consumer playing a huge role. we're getting g.d.p. numbers but remember this is all future. future of these companies does not look that bright. >> gretchen: move on to another topic, joe biden's brother, he landed a pretty good contract? >> it's a story that i broke at fox business network. james biden, nobody knows what great construction experience he has. he showed up at construction firm. six months later he got a $1.5 billion contract to build 100,000 homes in iraq. what people are saying right now if they get the financing and they expect to get the financing they are going to break ground on this thing in the next couple months possibly before the end of the year. that means a huge pay day for
4:48 am
joe biden's brother, a guy, james biden doesn't have a lot of experience in this field. he and his partners will split up something like $700 million minus expenses. question is, did he use his political influence to get this. hill international had talked to people in state department about this. this is an iraqi contracted. so there is a lot, whether you connect the dots. it does look like there is crony capitalism. we have a full story on >> gretchen: ceo says, his name helped him get in the door but doesn't help him get business. >> he also told me that if his name was obama he would open more doors. [ laughter ] >> i wear swair to god, he said it. >> gretchen: good to talk to you.
4:49 am
parents, do you worry about your kid every time they walk out the door? is that normal parent stuff or plain nuts? dr. keith ablow. first, number one song. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:52 am
trivia question, kevin cline from gi let, wyoming. minutes before the top of the hour. am i normal or nuts? it's a question everybody asks themselves and i do on a daily
4:53 am
basis. it's a question we talked to keith ablo because he got the answers. high, dr. keith. >> how are you? >> brian: other people's problems. how about this. when i tell my husband about the hurtful things his mother says, he ignores he. he supports his mom. it is tearing our marriage apart. is this normal or nuts? >> it's only nuts if you think being married to your mom is nuts. i do. i think that is crazy. listen -- when you can't take your wife's side and appreciate her feelings and you are always siding with your mom. that is your spouse. this woman who is writing in should try to look at herself, why should i settle with a deli
4:54 am
thin slice. figure it out or move on. >> brian: my son was injured in a bad accident but survived five years later. i still worry every time he walks out the door. i can't relax. how can i control this worrying? >> okay. you are not nuts. you are a parent. here is the truth. you are going to worry every day of your life for your child because of that incredible near death experience. what you have to do strangely is realize you have no control. when you love someone you are always at risk for loss, that is called being a parent. >> brian: and last one has to be quick. my friend is getting married but she acts like the first person to get hitched and planning a wedding. i can't help feeling she is nuts? >> she is bride.s her special t.
4:55 am
there is why to this. why is she over the top about it. maybe her parents divorced. maybe she wasn't the prom queen. talk to her and figure it out. >> brian: figure it out. they pay you to figure it out. >> also when you rush me like that, it hurts my feelings. i'm going to have to visit my therapist and talk about it. >> brian: a therapist has a therapist. fantastic. >> excellent. done for the day. >> brian: if you have a question e-mail the doctor your questions. we won't use your name. coming up straight ahead, what is the president up to these days? he is going on the tonight show to the to see jay leno and then he is going on mtv. are those the right moves for a press secretary?
4:56 am
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5:00 am
what is the big secret mr. president? and actor stacy dash saying something positive about mitt romney but wait until you what happened when she said she is voting for mitt romney. fox and friends starts right now. >> you are watching fox and friends, that is great way to begin your day! >> gretchen: good morning. look who is on the couch. dana perino. one of stars on the five. >> how about a stunning story, apparently two hours after the attack at our consulate and e-mail from the state department proved that an al-qaeda affiliated was taking credited for the attack? >> this is why it would have been so much better initially the president himself, secretary of state to say we are gathering all the information and we will answer your questions as
5:01 am
information unfolds. in a crisis you never have the right information at first. they were so definitive for a week or two or maybe three that the attack was inspired because of a video. now you find out there is actually a digital paper trail that leads back to it. >> brian: situation room at the white house. >> and also the dni is looking at different e-mails that were all on there. it doesn't have the personal names but you know where it went to but its really long list. i does make you think how in the world the bad information, disinformation happen for one week. i do think it shows how smart romney to handle the debate. >> gretchen: it's co-so complicated. the information is so complicated. i thought it was a big mistake. now that you hear all this. you know what, bottom line they are still going to say it could
5:02 am
be video though. >> what they are going to say cairo uprising started a few days before and video still inspired this al-qaeda group to get these arms together and come to benghazi. >> gretchen: if it turned out to be true. >> i would be surprised. they don't answer the key question. who pushed the video in the first place? why did they grab on to that? why, did our american law enforcement, we have done more against the guy who made the video here in america. he is still in jail on probation violation, we have done more than capture the people in libya they called back and get a correction. >> let's look at the e-mails. this quote comes in. says the regional security officer reports the diplomatic mission is under attack. tripoli reports 20 armed people
5:03 am
fired shots. explosions have been heard, as well. ambassador stevens who is currently in benghazi and four personnel are in the compound's safe haven. militia is providing security defense. >> 6:07, smoking gun, sensitive unclassified, tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility and they have called for on embassy tripoli. wendall goler sat down with hillary clinton and she said we all had had the same intelligence. >> if they did. they weren't giving us the same intelligence. >> they had the same facts but spun it differently. >> if you seal these e-mails and you are in that job and they say i need you to go out and tell you it's a video. >> no. >> you could say that to people more powerful than you.
5:04 am
>> yes, of course. absolutely. go for it. knock yourself and tell the nation that. first of all, i'm not going to say violence should be excused because of a video. that is wrong message. one, i'm not doing that, two i'm going to protect myself. i'm not going to say something that is not going to be true several weeks. smartest thing, victoria, she protected herself to say there is an investigation and ongoing. day after susan rice did her five interviews on sunday shows, there was question about the next day, how did she say it was video. victoria, as far as i know she out ranks me so you will have to ask her. >> gretchen: here is another question for you. who is on the e-mail list for the white house situation room? >> well several different people. desk officers, security personnel, military folks.
5:05 am
>> gretchen: the reason i'm asking, will the president and vice president of the united states continue to say they did not know about these situations going on increased security? >> it's possible that whatever was coming, it's possible they decided not to tell the president or the vice president, not necessarily intentionally or maybe thought we can send this to them in a note in tomorrow's daily briefing. i think that would be mistake. i could see where it could happen. >> like you said a copy went to the director of national intelligence. >> someone in his office. >> that is first time that james was in the loop. vice chairman of the senate select intelligence committee. he listened to to it and had this reaction. >> we have been asking the state department for these specific e-mails for weeks now. they refused to give them to us at this point. we knew from the intelligence community that the group had claimed responsibility for the
5:06 am
attack. now, does that mean they were responsible for it. now, you never know but at least they claim responsibility. so they are an al-qaeda affiliate. if they were not al-qaeda directly there was an indication that al-qaeda was involved immediately. what has bothered me and other members of the intelligence committee from day one we got pushed back from the white house as well as the intelligence community early on. we couldn't figure it out. it was really strange because they never do that. >> it is strange, a high ranking senator and white house is stonewalling him. >> all this tension between the executive branch and legislative branch. that is the role that our constitution set up. i think that he is mature and responsible person saying we deserve a right to know. >> dianne feinstein, if she wanted she could get it. >> last week she said i think it was the video.
5:07 am
this e-mail proves that can't possibly be the truth. >> gretchen: she did come out last week it was terror but hadn't said anything up to that point. >> they wanted to be able to say it was the video but it was terrorism. who is on first defense. romney was smart to let it go. had had he said something, libya would be romney's problem. let president obama own this. >> new rasmussen poll released earlier this morning with scott. now the race is neck and neck. 48%. >> i think that is probably accurate. the poll was 47-47. >> this is after the debate. >> this shows that romney in the past six weeks high school gained in ohio where president obama has not. one of the things that obama's team is said to have is an excellent ground game but i
5:08 am
think there are chips in the armor. they have the voter contacts by the rnc. but here we are on election night. everything is going to hinge on ohio. >> we're going to have dr. larry sabato and how romney can win without ohio. >> another question we asked. generally speaking how you would rate the u.s. economy. here it is. most people think it's poor. there is fair, 38%. then we go good at 17%. excellent, i haven't found that guy yet. >> where is he living? >> not in our world. >> and how would you rate the job barack obama has been doing as president. as you can see, strongly approve 36 but somewhat and strongly, that is a lot of people. >> and this is just ohio. >> it's not reflected in the
5:09 am
national polls. i think one of the things that obama team, if they were to lose on election day will have to look back and think they should not have run a tactical ohio only campaign. they should have broadened it out. they tried with this nice booklet but it's very late. candidate can't be asked about it. the other swing states are not necessarily going in their favor, as well. north carolina is done. rumors about virginia being done. >> gretchen: let's talk about iowa. there is a newspaper there who interviewed both candidates, mitt romney, you can find that 60 minute interview on their website. they interviewed the president. it's a half-hour interview but apparently was asked to be off the record. this seems odd to me because if you are doing interviews, to have a newspaper pick who they are going to endorse, you would think both candidates interviewed would be on the record and available for the readers of the newspapers and
5:10 am
general public to see if they agree with the newspaper. why would the president to be off the record? and why would the newspaper do the interview if it was off the record? >> great question. way back when, editorial boards was a closed door thing. they might be able to take a quote here or there. it was context and tone. sometimes in off the record situation you can be more loose and not worried about any language that you might use. i was surprised they decided to keep this off the record. especially if they knew that romney's was on the record. iowa is very close state. i felt like if you are going to do on the record interviews with the pimp with the limp, you might as well be able to do the same for the "des moines register".
5:11 am
>> mitt romney did it and releasing it, don't you have to release it? >> they might get pressured into releasing it. >> gretchen: why would they do the interview? >> i read it was very shaky and there weren't any calls. no, it's off the record, at the said no. >> gretchen: it would seem to get it editorially you would use the same protocol for same candidates? >> you would think. they are signaling we're going to endorse him anyway but they seem to think, paper seems to think that the information they have from president obama would help president obama. now, then on the other side, you might think, that is not helpful. there might be something in there. it might be nothing. >> if i want to get my information i go to access
5:12 am
hollywood. i seek the president on tonight show. and is this smart. >> don't forget the pimp with the limp. >> best interview he decided to do. >> and there is risk of doing the tonight show and daily shows. we saw what he paid the price for that daily show appearance. did president bush at any time employ i'm going to go all for the softer image. >> let me guarantee you, if you are a press secretary you don't get any soft balls. >> they are shooting for your head every day. >> you will see you continued on the five. thanks. >> gretchen: they wanted her bicycle so police say two teenage brothers murdered a 12-year-old girl. 1,000 people remembered her at a church. 15 and 17-year-old lured her to their home promised to trade
5:13 am
bicycle parts and strangled her. >> pretty pathetic. it's sad. we want to know reasons why. >> she is an angel. she was an angel here on earth and angel up in heaven. >> gretchen: it was the boy's mother who called the police. she became suspicious when she saw a message on her son's facebook page, might be moving. autumn's bicycle was found inside their home. >> they get ready to burn some rubber. drives can go up to 85 miles an hour on a 41 mile stretch. road is intended to alleviated the crowded corridor. those are the quick headlines. >> steve: coming up a motor crash that has comedian jay leno -- in he is. he barely escaped getting in big
5:14 am
trouble. these ladies with both candidates tied, will women make under the difference? >> gretchen: here it is. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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5:17 am
>>. >> gretchen: president obama and mitt romney tied in swing state, ohio. it shows the two candidates tied at 48 apiece. how can each candidate seal the deal? joining me is angela mcgowan and matt lanski is author of the "language of trust" and tamara. let me start with you. 48-48. this is surge for mitt romney
5:18 am
not your guy, president obama, what has been going on there? >> i think it is interesting to try to figure out what it is. remember the economy in ohio is doing better than most places throughout the country. you would think that ohio is really a place it would be pro obama. so whatever romney is doing i think what he needs to do is continue to keep that flow and steady pace or fast pace. >> gretchen: people in ohio know the economy is better because the republican governor? >> well, yes, john kasich how soon done well. obama is talking about. we all know economics is an issue. we're in an economic fish. john kasich has done better for ohio i think that is playing in romney's a favor. he needs to keep his presidential stance. romney was more presidential
5:19 am
than obama in the debate last night. >> gretchen: more women go to vote. both candidates really trying to wu the women vote. what dohave to do. >> obama won by 5%. a lot of people are looking for reason. romney didn't give them a reason for a long period of time. he did in the first debate. so i would emphasize the themes from the first debate. employment for women, employment for women has been running lower. i would talk about putting children first in education. a lost these women are suburban moms, they are focused on their children. i would talk about restoring confidence in america's future which is something if you ask people, a kind of rhetorical question whether they feel like america is heading in the right direction, whether they feel like it's doing the right things most of them will say no. >> women are tired of the partisan politics.
5:20 am
romney was successful in massachusetts ma have massachusetts by reaching across the aisles. >> women are not attracting something that biden did this week in ohio. he was talking to women voters about contraception. i don't think, i agree with angela. i don't think women voters want to hear that. >> i have to wrap it up for that one. one of the most talked about moments from monday's debate. >> this is nothing north something i propose. it's something that congress has proposed. it will not happen. >> gretchen: he told the truth in what he just said. 9/11 given a make over from guantanamo bay. we'll be right back. mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>>. quick headlines, 9/11 mastermind giving himself a makeover. pentagon revealing khalid shaikh mohammed's beard went from gray to dark orange thanks to berry juice? terrorist could not just for men behind the bars so he used juice and berries to dye his beard. and making another round of hate filled backlash. they tweeted her voting for mitt romney and paul ryan. that is when the offensive tweets started up again. she was attacked with racial slurs for simply supporting mitt romney. gretch, back to you.
5:25 am
>> gretchen: during monday's debate president caught many people off guard about sequestration. this is what the president said. >> first of all. this is not something i proposed. it's something that congress proposed and it will not happen. >> gretchen: white house has backed off the comments, sequestration should not happen, but has the president tipped his hand when congress returns. we're back with the political panel. many people have come out and bob woodward and said what the president is said is not correct and reputed footd by the people. this was the white house's idea. on its face it was not truthful. does the american public even know what sequestration is. do they care the president did not take the truth about it? >> number one, woodward is an
5:26 am
anti-obama author of a book. i'm not discounting what he saying, but he is very -- he is not in favor of what the president has to say. the point is american public necessarily understands the seriousness of what sequestration means. it's not just defense cuts, it's across the board. it's money that held by the treasury. that is something that affects workers and defense contractors, everybody. it's unfortunate they didn't get into the issue at hand at the debate. >> people are losing jobs because of it. i think obama might have overplayed his hand. even bob woodward wrote this book and seems like an anti-obama book, it was the omb director and head lobbyist that went to harry reid offered this. harry reid took it to the republicans and they cut a deal. >> gretchen: if the president actually believes what he said
5:27 am
on the stage, he has power to not make it happen. there has been no deal? >> i think to give him some credit, i don't think he wants it to happen. to come out there and say, it was a good strategic move in the debate. most americans aren't paying attention to what sequester is. its word that people don't understand. it's going to be the focus of things after the election. he managed to defer answering question on military budget cuts saying sequester isn't going to happen. it probably won't happen and there is going to be negotiation afterwards. >> if it would have been phrased as job losses for members of our military it had a as different tone. >> it has different tone saying the president doesn't want it to happen, republicans have been trying to cut a deal so it will not happen. the president signed it into law so i can't see it wouldn't happen. >> there are trillion dollars
5:28 am
that need to be cut. average american i don't think understands, i don't either. how much money that is. all of the cuts that are going to affect so many different levels. >> the calculator doesn't go up to a trillion but they understand it's a lot of dough. thanks so much. we told you about the exclusive e-mails out on libya. what is the white house's response? we're live there coming up next. and the term freshmen now offensive. your e-mails are pouring in on this one. what do we call those young kids that go off on to school? not freshmen any more. ♪ ♪
5:29 am
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5:32 am
. >> one of his winning points is about how sanctions is crippling iran's economy. anybody that knows how to cripple an economy it's president obama. >> my name, her family lives in iran and it's not so bad. sanctions are not cracking down on them. >> is that true? how well do you know the
5:33 am
neighbor? >> i see them all the time. >> they didn't mention the currency collapse. >> not so much. they brought me a lovely gift from tehran. desk set, it was beautiful. we're good neighbors. >> brian: when they bring you gifts. fox news exclusively obtained internal e-mails. we have been talking about this all morning on the benghazi attacks. one shows that they knew the attack was happening and al-qaeda group is claiming responsibility. now where more could go today. >> reporter: the e-mails indicate that an al-qaeda linked group had claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter, e-mails sent to the white house situation room, director of national intelligence they raise more questions about why administration officials were claiming a week after the attack that it grew out of a prist of an anti-islam film.
5:34 am
third e-mail they claim responsibility for benghazi attack. that wasn't the only group to claim responsibility. officials have said that intelligence was mixed after the attack which killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. official assessment even a week after the attack it grew out of protest that never happened. here is hillary clinton is an interview i conducted about a week and a half ago. >> can you explain this? >> the first thing to know that everybody has the same intelligence. i've been around long enough to know it takes time to assess all the information that you have. as an intelligence community has now said their assessment over the last now more than a month changed. everyone in the administration was trying to give information to the best of their ability.
5:35 am
>> reporter: benghazi consulate had suffered minor attacks earlier in the year but the state department turned down request for additional security in tripoli which could have supplemented the benghazi security but it's unclear if they would have held off the attackers. >> gretchen: wendall, thanks very much. >> how those e-mails got out is very interesting. >> more headlines. extreme weather. tropical storm warning in effect for southeast florida and florida keys. take a look. tropical storm sandy gaining strength, about to hit jamaica. the airport and seaport shut down there in jamaica. winds have kicked up to 70 miles an hour. that is just short of the threshold for a hurricane. 20 inches of rain could fall in some areas causing dangerous flood conditions, cuba and bahamas also in the line of
5:36 am
sandy. >> gretchen: voting problems in key swing states. in north carolina, they tried voting for mitt romney but kept having their vote switch to president obama. it kept happening. voters frustrated and outraged. >> i don't feel good about it. it's scary. >> the frustration is every vote counts. >> whatever they are doing is not working. >> gretchen: so the director of board of elections says to correct the glitch that happens occasionally. it's not part of any conspiracy. you have to wonder about those votes. if that happened to you would you stay there and made sure it was your vote or come back another time or put in the wrong vote? >> you have to make sure it has your candidate before you hit the button. brand-new video released of a motorcycle crash that almost wiped out jay leno.
5:37 am
>> steve: you can see the bike speed up and slam into another one causing a massive wreck. tonight show host feet away on the los angeles. it could prove the wrong person was blamed for causing what was a deadly crash. >> don't you care call them freshmen. losing the term on the university documents because apparently it is offensive. school is now going with the more gender inclusive first year student, take that. freshmen has been used since 1950s. we asked you to weigh in. julie says this. if they believe freshmen is offensive, what are they going to call a woman, crazy? >> steve: another e-mail says first year student. not call them first graders,
5:38 am
it's a power play to mess with power. >> gretchen: that is crazy. i don't think any woman is offended by the name freshman. >> it is a heinous crime. two teenage brothers accused of murdering a 12-year-old girl for her bike. joining us from clayton, new jersey is steve keeley. good morning. >> reporter: other children this victim's age are among those stopping by this morning to add to all the candles, flowers and balloons here in the backyard of what many see is house of horrors. the one where two teenage brothers lives now charged with killing 12-year-old autumn pascali and dumping into recycle barrel. it was the mother of the boys who first went to the authorities leading to the break in this case. seeing something suspicious, one
5:39 am
of her sons had posted on a facebook page and called investigators who found the body after searching the outside of the house. then the search warrant found inside the house the bicycle killed for the little bike she was last seen riding from her house on saturday afternoon. the mother turned in her 15 and 17-year-old sons yesterday. this community will follow their case to the courts. they will likely be charged with adult charges in the coming weeks but first going to the little girl's funeral in the coming days. >> gretchen: such a senseless awful crime. >> steve: now 20 minutes before the top of the hour. president, he said this. >> we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military is changed. >> steve: was he right? we have the numbers on bayonets coming up. >> larry sabato, says the man
5:40 am
that has predicted elections says they could get it without ohio. >>. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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5:43 am
you heard the president's response, mitt romney claimed that defense cuts were crippling our.
5:44 am
but some of the remarks didn't check out. we break it down for you. first 419,155, that is how many bayonets the army have. next number that is how many the marines have. and 176, that is how many horses the army has. they are kept at fort myer,s very and fort hood, texas. >> and they did in afghanistan. thank you very much. >> a brand-new rasmussen poll shows them in a dead he heat in ohio with both candidates tied at 48%. you got it right there. scott rasmussen gave that. but what do they need to win the election. larry joins us live from virginia. good morning. >> steve: i know you got your crystal ball and super computer and figured a couple ways can
5:45 am
win without ohio, let's start with the president of the united states? >> we don't want ohio to get a swol len ego. they are not essential to either scenarios to either candidate. take the president first. if he loses ohio, he can still win and i think you got a map to show. >> steve: we do. >> if he wins a tough state when is colorado, other states, iowa, nevada, new hampshire, wisconsin those are swing states. they can go either way. let's say he wins all those. he has power to victory in colorado. he can get over the 270 mark. >> steve: how would mitt romney win without ohio? >> couple scenarios. there are four total toss-ups, colorado, virginia, wisconsin and new hampshire. i might even throw in iowa. you got those five total. rolled would have to win,
5:46 am
virginia and colorado, both of which are very do-able for him, wisconsin which is becoming more do-able and then he could win either new hampshire or iowa. he would end up at 271 or 273. >> there is doomsday scenario. where it would be tie. you need 270, but if you both wind up with 269 what happens? >> it would go to the house of representatives. you call it doomsday. i call it good for my business. i don't think it's necessaryly a bad thing. there would be all kinds of chaos and we thrive in chaos. in 269 to 269 would give all obama all those northern stays, wisconsin, ohio, new hampshire but turn iowa and nevada to romney in addition to his carrying all the ones he is going to carry we think in the
5:47 am
three southern states, 269 to 269. it goes to house of representatives and republicans are going to control by our count at least 29 of the 50 house delegation. each house delegation has one vote and critical vote to elect the next president. >> steve: then does the senate pick the vice president? >> indeed. if there is 269-269 tie. it goes to the senate. if the democrats hold the senate even 50/50 guess who gets to break the tie vote as the incumbent vice president when it comes up in his favor? that is right, joe biden, the romney-biden administration will be born. >> steve: has that ever happened in history? >> it started in the house of representatives back in 1824, it went to the house of representatives for john quincy adams and, of course, in the great tie of 1800 between
5:48 am
jefferson and aaron burr. >> steve: larry, sabato, a genius when it comes to this stuff, thank you very much. see you later. >> meanwhile, straight ahead, she famous for her face and figure. the moment she felt the most beautiful? when she was 25 pounds heavier. supermodels, carolyn murphy. good morning to you. wright now bill hemmer is in another studio. >> good morning to you. fox news first report on the e-mails transmitted on september 11th as the attack in libya was happening. you will see what they say. you can make up your own mind. polling is razor tight. ed rollins, how fast is our national debt growing today. this is unheard of. we'll show you the numbers. and the victims of fort hood
5:49 am
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>>. >> gretchen: she is an all-american beauty that burst on the scene in 1990s. she quickly became a sought after face. she returned last week and she modeled and carolyn murphy is new host of project runway all-stars. she joins us now. good morning. >> thank you, good morning. >> we just saw you on the runway how do you describe that look. back in the day, it would be a big happy smile. that is speck look. what is going on in your head for that?
5:53 am
>> for this, jason was a friend of mine, a designer. whole collection was based on a photographer. it's very strong woman. i am thinking of goddess but i'm meeting women backstage i could be their mother. >> as a viewer, i'm thinking of the same thing. [ laughter ] it's incredible. >> to me its game face? >> it is a game face. they give you direction, be more serious, be more sexy. i was thinking if i could make it to the end in back without tripping and falling. >> you were nervous because you are in semi retirement. jason got you back. >> i'm a huge fan of his. it didn't take too much arm twisting. i was very happy to meet the next generation of models. they are all likes six feet
5:54 am
tall. different from my generation, a lot of personality. we were very different. >> when you were away from the catwalk, doing the supermodel or not doing the supermodel and having a regular life, were you still in supermodel condition? >> when i'm not working, i'm in mommy mode. i take pride in the fact i can turn on it on and turn it off. >> what is your approach to the season? >> they had asked me to do project runway all-stars. i was kind of flabbergasted. i was thinking of going back to college. i thought was great opportunity to reconnect with the industry. i learned a lot doing the show. it was really amazing to see some of the designers i had actually seen on the show before on project runway to have them come back and be in that moment and learn so much from isaac who was around the gig of my career. i worked with a designer and it
5:55 am
was a wonderful experience. >> gretchen: you have tape the show but the viewers don't know anything about it yet. it's going to kick off thursday at 9:00 p.m. on lifetime. is this something you want to continue doing more television? >> i would hope so. i wouldn't say it was something i was seeking but this show in particular because i've been in business for 20 years. it kind of make sense to be there. i hope that ratings are up and people enjoy it. >> you are next not jealous of the next generation because you are so secure in what you accomplished? >> i've had a 12 year contract with este lauder and i've been on the cover of many magazines. i'm happy. >> and you have been on fox and friends. carolyn, thanks for dropping by. good luck. >> be sure to watch. thank you.
5:56 am
>> thursday night at 9:00 eastern. >> fox and friends is two minutes away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i believe in miracles sfstsd you sexy thing ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil®. here's one story. i'sean. i swited to advil® 10 months ago. biking can be really tough on the lower back and your upper thighs. u have some nasty aches and pains. i really like advil® because it takes care of it all.
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